Strong Reactions to Tahiti Quarantine Video

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2 Responses

  1. Guy says:

    I am going to keep this G rated, which you know is not my normal mode of conversation.
    Freaking Hell, people want to fat shame everyone that doesn’t look like a model on the runway, we won’t even go into how unhealthy most people are.
    Most of this comes from people that are struggling with being that perfect looking model person that they think everyone should be. (Maybe they should start watching videos of all the famous people that are doing vids from their home now, and definitely are looking a lot more like the rest of us!)
    I have dove with you, you are a fit woman that is very physically active. You are one of a very small handful of people that I would dive with, and feel like I didn’t have to take care of them as well as myself.
    Besides that you are a kind and compassionate person.

  2. Lisa Hackett says:

    Thank you, Guy! I agree there are a lot of people out there trying to hold others to model standards, as if we should all look a certain way. We need more real people out there, that’s what YouTube is all about anyway. I like this about YouTube!
    You are too kind. Not many people can say they have gone diving from a dinghy in the remote atolls of the South Pacific!

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